Discreet Luxury & Oriental Harmony

Our rooms and suites are wonderfully comfortable with a sleek décor.

Where leisure is at its limits

Watch the sunset and enjoy the breeze

Comfort and peace throughout

More experience than hotel Both a destination and a journey

A taste of something special

Our outstanding choice of restaurants and bars has set new standards

Welcome to Mirembe Resort Beach

Mirembe Resort Beach

A quiet, relaxing and entertaining country side whose tranquility is blended with the chanting birds and calm Victoria water waves which wash the famous ever clean white sand Ssese Islands.

Mirembe Resort Beach is located on Lutoboka Bay of Bulaggala Island which is the largest of the 84 Islands of Ssese, Kalangala.

Our accommodation rates are affordable and worth the price. Mirembe Resort Beach is named after its environment which is characterised by peace; “Mirembe” is the Luganda (local language) word for “Peace”.

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